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A rapid understanding of the surface coating process of cosmetic package materials
Jan 31, 2018

Process definition

Spraying means dispersing evenly and fine droplets on the surface of the coating by means of spray gun or dish atomizer by means of pressure or centrifugal force. It can be divided into air sprayed, air free, electrostatic spraying, and all kinds of ways of the above basic spraying, such as large volume and low pressure atomization, thermal spraying, automatic spraying and multi group spraying.

Process characteristics

Protective effect:

The protection of metal, wood, stone and plastic is not corroded by light, rain, dew, and water. The use of coatings to cover objects is one of the most convenient and reliable protection methods, which can protect objects and prolong their service life.

Decorative effect:

Coating can make the object wear a beautiful coat, which is bright, glossy and smooth. The beautified environment and objects make people feel beautiful and comfortable.

Special functions:

After coating special paint on the object, it can make the surface of the object have the functions of fireproofing, waterproof, antifouling, temperature indicating, heat preservation, stealth, conduction, insecticidal, bactericidal, luminous and reflecting.

Technological process


Many of our products are also painted with paint technology, white lotion bottle, small lotion bottle, hand lotion bottle.



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