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airless bottle principle
Nov 30, 2017

The contents of the airless bottle can be completely isolated from the air to prevent oxidative deterioration of the product due to exposure to air, to breed bacteria and to enhance the product profile with its high-tech concept.

A commercially available airless bottle consists of a cylindrical, ellipsoidal container plus a piston mounted to the bottom.

Its design principle is the contraction force of the spring, and does not allow air into the bottle, resulting in a vacuum state, and the use of atmospheric pressure to promote the bottle bottom piston forward.

However, due to the spring force and atmospheric pressure can not give enough force, so the piston can not be too tight fit with the bottle wall, or the piston will not rise due to excessive resistance to move forward; the other hand, if you want to make the piston easy to advance and prone to leakage, Therefore, the airless bottle on the manufacturer's professional requirements are very high.

The introduction of airless bottles conforms to the latest development trend of skin care products, which can effectively protect the fresh quality of the products.



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