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As a professional package company, how to identify the quality of the small order?
Dec 15, 2017

Understand the source of the order and make an analysis:

Small orders come from brand dealers:

No order size, order behind the operation of the brand operators have the strength size, strength of the order can directly determine the growth potential, therefore suggest a background survey of the brand, brand operation success case research of the brand operators, their understanding of the brand brand positioning, operation mode, channel promotion plan and market promotion, so as to evaluate the material orders for future development, so as to determine whether the investment in manufacturing orders. If the small order is a well-known brand business, Congratulations, this is a great opportunity to enter the brand supply chain, and a rare fission port, the packaging enterprises should seize this opportunity. cosmetic packaging

Small orders are derived from OEM/ODM processing plants

OEM/ODM processing mechanism as Valet processing, the packaging orders demand and the OEM business is one of the demands of the business brands, OEM factory also made analysis, the packaging business need to make full effort, one is purchasing more communication with the OEM, because the two sides of the target is consistent, but also need to cooperate with each other. Two is to carry out the background investigation, to verify the potential of the brand. face cream jar

Small orders come from micro e-commerce / e-commerce brands

According to the sources of micro electricity supplier, electricity supplier channels package small orders, more is the research on the organization of the company, rather than brand research, qualitative analysis of the organization, the organization's operating philosophy, operating values and operation mode, directly determines wether the small orders can grow into large orders, or no return single.


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