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Basic common sense of hot transfer printing process
Jan 15, 2018

Hot transfer process:

The first step is to make high resolution images.

Second. According to the image size to produce the dot gravure electric engraving;

The third step. Printing the gravure on the printing machine to the PET polyester film, which is printed into a hot transfer film, and can print thousands of meters of finished product in one hour.

The fourth step. The hot transfer printing film is installed on the hot transfer printing press for printing. The operation is simple and the pattern is formed in one time without the need of color.

A hot transfer printing machine can print more than ten thousand products a day, 8 hours a day.

It can be applied to ABS, PE, PP, EVA, leather, stainless steel, glass, wood, and coated metal.

Our products do not use thermal transfer, mainly using silk screen and two oxidation processes, such as our unique cosmetic packaging



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