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Control of the main use of glass bottles
Sep 12, 2017

The control glass bottle generally has the low boron silicon, the boron silicon, the high boron silicon three kinds, generally small size of the control glass bottle material is low boron silicon, boron silicate glass two materials, mainly used for the storage of oral liquid, reagents and other liquids, high boron-silicate glass bottles are generally larger capacity, chemical stability stronger, high temperature 550 degrees Celsius. Can be used for high-end health care products, especially the need to put high temperature high grade frost products.

It is simpler to control glass bottles than to mold them, for the new bottle type, the control glass bottle also must make the mold, but the mold must be much simpler, because the control glass bottle diameter is unable to change, the new bottle type diameter must be in the glass tube diameter is consistent, the height and the bottle size can change, The control glass bottle wall is thinner, in the transportation way is fragile, this also affects the control glass bottle Factory development resistance, reduces the glass bottle in the transportation the breakage rate is the glass bottle factory's urgent matter. Our factory is now dedicated to the development of glass bottles packaging, hope to develop a more scientific and inexpensive bottle packaging. Also hope that in this respect have unique views of the people with my company, early development success. Make our products more secure to reach the customer's hands.

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