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Cosmetic bottle packaging defects in consumers ' eyes
Sep 12, 2017

Suppose that Wuhan has 2 million people use cosmetics, skin care products, even if each person just throw away 10 yuan of cosmetics, waste amount also reached 20 million yuan. "There are female consumer accounts," she said.

Thousand Yuan Buy the lotion, obviously still can use a week of quantity, can be squeezed out. At the moment, many cosmetic packaging design unreasonable, too wasteful.

"A bottle of lotion later, squeeze not out, had to disassemble the cosmetic bottle to pour out, and then continued to use for one weeks." Yesterday, Hankou after the lake Tongan home Liao Sigh, a bottle of lotion 1480 yuan, if did not try to "squeeze dry exhaustion", at least waste more than 10 yuan of money component. Reporters yesterday saw many netizens posted that the difficult to squeeze cosmetics concentrated in two kinds of packaging: plastic hose packaging and pump-type pressure cosmetics bottle packaging.

Brand Cosmetics counter Sales staff Frankly, there are indeed customers reflect the cosmetic bottle packaging unreasonable, with a certain amount of the press will not come out. For example, tube-like facial cleanser, hand cream, eye cream, at the end of the pipe and pipe wall will accumulate a lot of, squeeze not out; for example, pump-type pressure cosmetics bottle Bottom still have a layer of essence, but not to press out.

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