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Cosmetic bottle size for each purpose
Sep 12, 2017

"Beauty of the heart of people have it," human cosmetics to beautify their own since ancient times have been pursued. Cosmetics are also very competitive in the market. For customers, when choosing cosmetics, not only the brand and a part of cosmetic bottle design is beautiful, generous, easy to carry. These factors also affect the customer's desire to buy.

Whether the bottle is convenient for portable customers is a focus of concern. Many female customers because of work, or short-term travel will choose a small and exquisite cosmetic bottles, glass bottles manufacturers so both face and not trouble. Then the manufacturers in the choice of packaging bottles can be considered in the design of reasonable, humane. For the promotion of advertising, this small and exquisite bottle is also a big selling point. Of course not all customers will buy small cosmetics bottle cosmetics, then glass bottles also have its advantages. Can decorate the room, when the small bonsai bottom and so on. The key is still the style of the bottle.

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