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Cosmetics packaging materials environmental protection application
Dec 16, 2017

In all fields, the era of natural ecology and environmental protection is actively respected, and the beauty and makeup world is no exception.

Brown bottle blocking the sun, so the bottle contents are not oxidized.

Therefore, if you want to fill a bunch of flowers in a bottle that can block the sunshine, the brown cosmetics bottles as a vase is appropriate.

Relatively speaking,  the face cream container of height low chassis wide can be used as a DIY container to use incense. Recently, homemade candles, increasing demand. Beautiful cosmetics containers are recommended by environmentalists to be used as incense container.

A semitransparent container with a light color can be used as an illuminated item.

Focus on color therapy, through easy and easy way to make the lighting colorful and colorful, the price ratio is very high.

HYA-cosmetic jar.jpg

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