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Descriptions of Plastic Resins(2)
Sep 17, 2018

4.  Low Density Polyethylene: Translucent in color with a tough, waxy texture, LDPE is a very flexible plastic with good barrier properties.

5. Polypropylene: It is best known for flexibility and versatility. It can be molded into many applications, the most popular use in packaging is for closures. PP is very tough and has good chemical resistance. Although normally translucent in appearance, PP can be made a variety of colors.

6. Polystyrene: A very clear, rigid plastic. PS has good chemical resistance, but no moisture or oxygen barrier properties. PS tends to be brittle, so cracks and breaks easily.

7. Other: Can be any combination of plastics. Usually one of the above plastics mixed with an additive or barrier plastic to enhance the properties of the final container.

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