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Do you know how to work with the package factory?
Dec 19, 2017

The package material brand merchants, especially the new purchaser, after finishing the sample and the supplier development, will enter in the third stage:

The order management stage, that is, proofing, determining the color and following the order, is facing quality and delivery problems. They are very familiar with how to pick up the process of cosmetics OEM/ODM order, but it is not necessarily know how to contact, place orders or take orders with the packing plant.

As a new purchaser, how to integrate quickly with the packing plant business? First, purchaser become a expert. Two, we need to know some internal processes of the packing plant.

One.Type selection of bottle

Two. Determine the process

Three. Confirm the design draft

Four. Accurate quotation

Five. Signing a contract

Six. Bottle proofing

Seven. Confirm the sample

Eight. Official orders

Nine. Schedule production

Ten. Delivery transportation


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