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Do you know the relationship between the mold and the package material?
Dec 13, 2017

The mold effect on the capacity of the package

Each mold will be confirmed by the user before making molds.The number of the mold cavity directly determines the production capacity of the product forming process.

The main cost of the mold, except the template, is the number of the film cavity, the more the number of cavity, the longer the development cycle of the mold, the higher the cost.

The basic principle of deciding the number of mold cavity is the user's budget and plan for the sales of the product, and the mold cavity is added to the mold without molding. It only reopens the mold.

The mold influence the quality of the material

The mold material, mold design, mold manufacturing process can directly affect the quality of die products. Therefore, to do a good mold, from the mold design and material selection.

The price of the mould affects the price of the package

Mold, select material, choose a professional mold factory, the cost is much higher than the number of small workshops, at the same time as the perfect professional mold factory system, from design, fabrication, inspection, testing and repairing mould, mold and other processes have standardized operation, so the process of good die at the same time is relatively long, high cost of tooling.


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