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First impressions: Which packaging details matter to beauty consumers—and which don’t PART 4
Aug 27, 2018

Overall, even though the appearance of primary and secondary packaging matters, to some degree, to all beauty consumers, it seems to matter most to fragrance consumers in particular. Forty-four percent of fragrance consumers say the appearance of the bottle, and 41% the appearance of the unit carton, impacts their decision to purchase a new product or brand.

The good news is, even if she absolutely doesn’t like the look of your bottle or box, 76% of beauty consumers agree that they would, of course, still purchase the product if they felt it was for them on a variety of other levels.

All beauty brands, however, can take a few steps to increase their appeal with consumers. To start, include consumer testimonials or testing results on your packaging—92% of women say this information would make them more inclined to purchase—and avoid her major packaging frustrations. Not being able to get all of the product out of the tube and having to throw product away is the biggest peeve for 70% of women, followed by: packaging that is difficult to open and pumps (or other mechanisms) that are difficult to use (tied at 55%); caps that are flimsy/breakable (54%); and product that dries out around the bottle or tube opening and, consequently, goes to waste (51%).

By targeting your primary and secondary packaging design to speak to these issues—and by thinking of creative ways to use data to help guide your decisions, such as through a packaging concept test—you set your brand up to be the product that stands out on the shelf, captures her attention and, ultimately, earns her loyalty again and again.

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