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Four main methods of screen printing drying (1)
Mar 29, 2018

Four main methods of screen printing drying (1)

The drying methods of screen printing press can be divided into 4 kinds: natural drying, hot air drying, ultraviolet drying and infrared drying.

1, naturally dry. It is suitable for natural drying ink, such as volatile drying ink, oxidizing polymerization ink and two liquid reactive ink. But because of the slow drying speed, a wider drying site is needed, so hot air drying and infrared drying are usually used in large volume printing.

2. Hot air is dry. The use of two fluid reactive ink is of great significance for the full hardening and strengthening of resin. The temperature is usually in the range of 110 C, 170 C. In addition to the infrared radiation described in front of the device, there is a hot air drying with gas as a heat source. In the use of box dryer, considering the management of temperature and the risk of solvent volatilization, a circular dryer equipped with exhaust devices should be used.


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