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Four main methods of screen printing drying (2)
Mar 29, 2018

Four main methods of screen printing drying (2)

3, UV drying. UV drying is a more practical drying method, especially for plastic and other high temperature printing products, which will have a good effect. It will be widely used in silk screen printing in the future. It is necessary to use UV drying ink for printing with UV drying.

4. Dry infrared ray. Infrared ray can be divided into near infrared, infrared and far infrared. Infrared also called the hotline, it has a good effect on the temperature rise of the resin and solvent in the ink. Near infrared heating ink surface, far infrared heat can be heated to the interior. The conveyor belt dryer are far infrared light as heat source. Whether it is near infrared or far infrared, we should pay attention to prevent the temperature of the surface of the ink film too high.


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