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Glossary of Hooopack PART 1
Aug 28, 2018

blister packaging - A type of packaging where the item is secured between a preformed (usually transparent plastic) dome or "bubble" and a paperboard surface or "carrier." Attachment may be by stapling, heat-sealing, gluing, etc.

bottle - As used in packaging, a container having a round neck of relatively smaller diameter than the body and an opening capable of holding a closure for retention of the contents. The cross section of the bottle may be round, oval, square, oblong, or a combination of these. Generally made of glass, but also of polyethylene or other plastics, earthenware, metal, etc.

cap - (1) A cover type of closure which fits over a container neck or opening rather than into it. (See PLUG) A cap may have internal threads to engage the external threads of the container, or may be held by friction, air pressure, etc., against the external parts of the opening. (See CAP, SCREW; CAP, LUG; FRICTION CAP; CROWN; VACUUM SEAL).

dropper cap - Metal or molded plastic cap closure with a glass or plastic dropper and small rubber or plastic bulb attached.

injection molding - A method of molding thermoplastic materials wherein molten plastic resin is extruded and injected between two mold halves where pressure and cooling solidify the plastic.

metalizing - Applying a thin coating of metal to a non-metallic surface. May be done by chemical deposition or by exposing the surface to vaporized metal in a vacuum chamber.

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