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Glossary of Hooopack PART 2
Aug 28, 2018

quality control - The operational techniques and the activities which sustain a quality of product or service that will satisfy given needs; also the use of such techniques and activities.

sealing disk - A circular piece of paper, plastic or other material, either smooth or crinkles, placed over the open top of a drum before seating the cover.

sifter top - Perforated top on a container, designed to dispense contents.

tamper-resistant seal - A seal that cannot be opened without partially destroying the cap or otherwise showing evidence of tampering. Tamper-resistant is not synonymous with non-refillable.

urea plastics - Plastics based on resins made by the condensation of urea and aldehydes.

wax board - Sometimes called waxed pulp, it consists of pulpboard dipped in melted paraffin wax, which forms a slightly protective film. Used as a liner in glass container closures. Inexpensive, but not a very satisfactory liner for most products.

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