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Glossary of Packaging Terms(1)
Sep 13, 2018

1. Amber: The term used to describe brown tinted glass.

2. Bakelite: A trade name applied to a synthetic resin.  It is a hard, black thermo set resin used in making closures.  Also called Phenolic.

3. Continuous Thread: A continuous spiral protruding on the outside of the finish or neck of a glass, plastic or metal container intended to mesh with the thread of a screw type closure.

4. Finish: Term used for the opening and surrounding thread area of a container or closure.

5. Flint: The term used to describe clear or transparent glass.

6. Liner: A special material inserted inside the cap to insure the seal and prevent evaporation or leaking.

7. Overflow Capacity: The capacity of a container to the top of the finish or to the point of overflow from the container.

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