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How deep is the relationship between sourcing and suppliers?
Dec 25, 2017

As the cosmetics industry packaging materials procurement and supplier, which is a pair of quarrelsome lovers, who also cannot do without who. The depth of the relationship between the two sides determines how far the two sides can go for a long time.

Antagonistic relations

It is a relationship between the buyer and the seller seeking to maximize the position of the specified supply opportunity and even harm the other party.

Loose relation

It refers to the small number of purchasing organizations from the supplier, the small quantity, or the lack of a closer relationship.

Transaction relationship

Pay attention to the successful completion of the ordinary transaction that the competent supplier submits to the buyer of low - value, low - risk products or services.

A closer tactical relationship

It refers to the relationship with competent suppliers, such a supplier pays attention to the successful completion of ordinary transactions at low risk, and coordinates other suppliers' supply to low-risk products or services.

Single-sourced relationship

An exclusive agreement formed by a purchasing organization at a fixed price and a specific time for specific products or services and suppliers in a certain range.

Outsourcing relationship

The procurement organization reserves the responsibility of service, but subcontracts the daily operation of these services to an external organization through the agreed standard, cost and terms contract.

Strategic alliance relationship

The two organizations work together for the benefit of both parties to provide the relationship between products and services. A combination of all or part of the product and service portfolios between organizations may be combined in a particular geographic area for specific markets or defensive reasons.


It is a commitment to the long-term relationship between the buyer and the seller, based on the trust and clear objectives agreed by both parties. The fundamental significance is to share the risk and share the return through the common goal.

Common destiny relationship

It is a strategic relationship, and the related organizations share the fate of all aspects of the business for the benefit of both parties. This relationship is dependent on comprehensive trust, and the organizations of both sides are interdependent so that they can succeed or fail together.


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