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How does the cosmetic container of different shapes keep fresh?
Feb 08, 2018

The great principle of the use of skin care products is that the hand does not directly contact with the bottle mouth and the maintenance products in the bottle.

Therefore, the cream bottle is used as much as possible with the dug rod, the emulsion bottle and the make-up water bottle can keep the zero pollution in the way of dumping.

Pressure head design (pump) of the maintenance products, because of the relative consistency, not too much back, the best to use the finger to connect.

When it is not used for a long time, the alcohol cotton piece is cleaned and preserved.

The products designed by the drip pipe belong to the most easy two pollution packing. When used once, the inner material is forced to contact air pollution once. This packaging cost is much lower than that of the pressure head and the overall aesthetic appearance of the package is superior to the pressure head. Therefore, even though the brand knows this is the most no-excellent, there are still many commodities that are packaged like this.

Besides the design of the dropper, wide mouthed bottle is also a package which is exposed to air in large area. The skin care products of plastic hoses are taken into air once every time, and accelerate the oxidation and deterioration.

And what to eat into the air and a large area exposed to air care products, should be used as soon as possible after opening, this kind of packaging products, can not be used up until next year (probably oxidation  go bad).



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