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How is the cosmetic packaging design better?
Apr 14, 2018

How is the cosmetic packaging design better?

The first is to conform to the function of the product, which is very important. It can't make people feel delusion about the design of cosmetics packaging, just like food.

Second: pertinence, although all are cosmetics, but some for young girls, some for the 30-40 year old, so we should be familiar with the aesthetic view of our customer group.

Third: refer to the competitor. Knowing our competitors and covering them on the package is also a way.

Fourth, marketing, packaging in the terminal with the role of silent dump, packaging sales function to promote the packaging must be considered from the economic, practical and other aspects, packaging design is subject to the influence of trade design, constantly changing patterns, popular fashion to win the favor of consumers.

Fifth, personalization: now every young man is trying to express his personality, and we can try to make a series of individualized designs to attract this kind of young people.

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