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How many cosmetic containers form?
Nov 29, 2017

For the current dazzling packaging market, and its packaging materials include bottles, cans, hoses, bags, spray cans and so on.

(1) Bottles are mostly used for packaging small viscosity emulsions and water-based cosmetics such as make-up water, body lotions and lotions.

(2) The jar is also commonly known as wide-mouth bottles, commonly used in cosmetic packaging cream category; such as day cream, night cream, eye cream and so on.

(3) hoses include plastic hoses, composite hoses, aluminum tubes, mainly used for packaging cleanser, sunscreen, hand cream and so on. The cover material is generally PP, tube shoulder and neck material generally PE, the tube body with a single film, composite film, according to the number of layers is divided into single, double, three, five tubes.

Our products are mainly made of aluminum shell and glass liner, not only good quality, but also luxurious style.



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