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How to choose printing ink
Feb 02, 2018

Offset printing method may not have so much trouble, because the paper printability good adhesion, without considering the basic problem, but the screen printing and pad printing is not so simple, screen printing and pad printing printing materials, can not replace a printing ink, ink manufacturers to fully adapt to the market must produce all kinds of the ink.

We can simply divide the material into the following:

1.pp and PE, in the plastic family, PP, PE two is a very large amount of material, the first is that they have good physical properties, chemical corrosion resistance is good, most of them are helpless solvent, so it is widely used in paints, cosmetics, plastic film and electrical products. But this is also the reason why they are difficult to print because their constituent molecules are nonpolar molecules. At present, prepress processing is commonly used in these two materials, and the most common methods are flame treatment and high frequency processing.

In combination with prepress treatment, more kinds of ink can be used on the surface of PP and PE. We are here to discuss solvent based ink. For UV ink, pre press processing is also necessary. There is no UV ink to be treated at present. It should be said that, in the current field of printing technology, printing on PP and PE materials, it is difficult to achieve stable quality control.

2. Some polar materials such as ABS, PC, PVC, PS and as are easy to print. Most of these materials can be printed without prepress processing. This part of ink is the strength of all manufacturers.

3., glass, metal, ceramic and other substrates have no absorption properties. The ink produced by conventional methods is not effective. Most of them use two-component inks.

lotion bottle, cosmetic bottle, skincare bottle and so on, we can all produce and supply these.



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