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How to choose the economical and practical cosmetic bottle?
Feb 27, 2018

Cosmetic bottle, as its name implies, is a small, quick and quick bottle of cosmetics.

Several options are recommended according to your daily needs:

1.Large entrance, liquid and cleaning container is more convenient and easy, small export, easy to use and safe.

2. made of soft, wear-resistant, high quality silica gel that meets the requirements of food safety. The extruded liquid is more powerful, more sufficient, and very wear-resistant.

3.Leakage protection in the inner layer of the bottle mouth, keep the cap clean as early as possible.

There are 3 sizes of small and medium sizes to meet the different needs of long or short distance travel.

And the bottle is designed with a sucker. When the hands are unable to make up, it can be adsorbed on the wall or mirror in short time.

And the color can be distinguished, nice and convenient.


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