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How to identify the quality of glass bottles?
Sep 12, 2017

In view of the high repeatability of glass bottle detection, it is of great significance to develop a bottle detection device by using machine vision theory to realize the automatic detection of empty bottles.

Introduction to Machine Vision machine vision is to use machines instead of human eyes to make measurements and judgments. The machine vision system refers to the machine vision product (i.e., the image ingest device, the CMOS and CCD two will be transferred to the image signal, transmitted to a dedicated image processing system, according to the pixel distribution and brightness, color and other information to transform into a digital signal; Image systems perform various operations on these signals to extract the target Characteristic, and then control the equipment action on the spot according to the result of discriminant.

In the process of wine brewing, glass bottles affect the quality of many factors, such as raw material quality, technology, brewing technology, glass bottle series Manufacturers in addition bottle defects (Bottle day, bottle body and bottle bottom) and dirt is also affecting the quality of the wine-a key element. Therefore, before the wine filling, we must test the empty glass bottles, remove the unqualified products before filling the wine. At present, most wineries in China still use artificial glass bottles to detect the quality of empty bottles, low efficiency, slow and labor intensity. Machine vision is very suitable for the measurement, inspection and identification in the process of mass production, and the application of linear array CCD in continuous and scanning on-line measurement is very advantageous. Machine vision detection method can greatly improve the automation of production, and machine vision is easy to realize information integration, can greatly improve product quality, glass bottle manufacturers to improve production efficiency.

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