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How to make plate of screen printing?
Mar 30, 2018

How to make plate of screen printing?

Choose suitable boxes for printed matter, wood or aluminum alloy, wood suitable for manual wire drawing, aluminum alloy suitable for wire mesh machine.

Select the screen: because the screen printing is oiliness and water quality, and the precision is different, so the suitable screen water printing is selected according to the need. The more lines to the finer mesh size)

Stretch net: Wood net frame first use a net gun to nail the screen side, then pull the net forceps to stretch the wire on the opposite side, so as to finish the four sides. The aluminum alloy mesh frame is tightened with a wire drawing machine, then the screen mesh is dry and OK is dry.

Brush photosensitive glue: ink printing choice oil sexy glue glue pulp printing choice water sexy light glue photosensitive glue generally has the photosensitizer to mix according to the proportion with the wood stick, statically until there is no bubble. Then brush the dry and spare. The fourth step requires a darkroom operation.

plate burning:full-automatic screening efficiency and simply equipped plate burning


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