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How to order? 5 steps PART1
Aug 23, 2018

One of our keys to success is being easy for clients to work with. Part of our formula is a simple and seamless workflow. From Quote to Development to Prototype to Shipping, we partner with your business all along the way. Here is how simple it is:

1. Quote
After you submit the online inquiry,
apersonal specialist will contact to assist you through out the project. You can also provide samples of ideas similar to yours for reference including the special finishings or printing techniques. Once specifications are confirmed. You will be able to view the quotes and have option to place purchase orders on your online private account. 

2. Prototype
Upon acceptance of the proposal, we start to develop a prototype. In
thisphase we use the actual machine, materials and technique to produce a product sample that will ensure our client’s 100% satisfaction. We go as far as using the correct finishing specifications that will be featured in the real order.

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