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How to quickly review the supplier of package materials?
Dec 20, 2017

test person before testing factory

1.testing salesman

A salesman is a microcosm of an enterprise's comprehensive strength. He is the ultimate spokesman of an enterprise management mode. Therefore, through salesmen, we can know the quality of the packaging plant, such as whether the factory has training system, business process and cooperation mechanism.

2.tseting sales Manager

The sales manager is a connector enterprise inside and outside market, enterprises and users in technology, products, connection quality, the sales manager can understand the supply enterprise system perfect, internal operating system, product quality, productivity, cost, guarantee of delivery.

3.testing boss

General brand owners usually have little direct contact with front-line businesses, so ordinary buyers are not able to access them, but they are usually okay with small and medium-sized business owners. Because of the bosses of small and medium sized enterprises, they are the largest business members of the enterprise.


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