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Interpretation of the three features of cosmetic packaging design!
Dec 06, 2017

First, the purpose of cosmetic packaging design

Cosmetics packaging needs to have a certain purpose, first of all to carry out the positioning of the idea of packaging design, this is a strategic vision of the design guidelines. Without positioning, there will be no purposeful nature. There will be no audience goals, and commodities will not sell, which will also lose the significance of packaging design in the new era.

Second,The personality characteristics of cosmetic packaging design

After giving the personality characteristics to the product, the packaging design should also reflect the connotation of the commodity brand. Different brands need to set up different images and temperament, and give the visual information to the consumers visually, reflecting the unique connotation of the brand. The packaging is designed for the product. The product comes from the enterprise, and the packaging design will undoubtedly reflect the cultural image of the enterprise.

Third. The design of cosmetic packaging needs to be designed to cater for different textures

Cosmetics have different textures, or powdery, or liquid, or semi - solidified, so a package will also be made according to different textures.


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