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Introduction of several plastic package materials
Dec 21, 2017

The hardness of AS is not high, the more brittle (struck with crisp voice), transparent color, and blue color can be in direct contact with food, cosmetics, in ordinary emulsion bottle, vacuum flask is generally the bottle material, can also be cream bottles for small capacity. It is transparent.

ABS belongs to engineering plastics. It is not environmentally friendly and has high hardness. It can not be directly exposed to cosmetics and food.

The acrylic cosmetic packaging in general is an inner shoulder sleeve material. The color is yellow or milky white.

PP, PE belong to environmental protection materials, can be directly with cosmetics, food contact, is the main material for filling organic skin care products, material color white, semitransparent. According to the different molecular structures, three different softness and softness can be achieved.

PET belongs to the environmental protection material, can directly contact with the cosmetics and food, is the main material of the filling organic skin care products, the PET material is soft, the original color is transparent.

PCTA and PETG belong to environmental protection materials. They can directly contact with cosmetics and food. They are the main materials for filling organic skin care products. Their materials are soft and transparent. PCTA and PETG are soft scratched easily. And it is not often used for spraying

Acrylic material is hard, it is transparent, and the bottom color is white. And acrylic in order to maintain a transparent texture color inner part in the external bottle , or in the injection molding color it.


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