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Metal packing container for cosmetics
Jan 03, 2018

Metals were first used as containers at least as early as 4000 B.C. and probably before that.  

Today steel, tinplate and aluminium are used for packaging.  

Metal containers are strong, relatively unbreakable, opaque and impervious to moisture-vapour, gases, odours, bacteria;  provided they are pinhole free.They are resistant to both high and low temperature.  However, metals require the application of coatings and lacquers to prevent chemical reaction and corrosion from the inside or outside.  

Special coatings and coating techniques have therefore been developed for this purpose.  

Metal containers are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles ranging from small elongated collapsible tubes and shallow drawn containers to large built-up containers including steel-drums.  

It is in the field of aerosols that metal containers have predominantly been used.Another area in which metal containers have found a specialised usage is for cosmetics items such as Lipstick cases.Although these containers involve a number of components which are made up of metal and some plastic. 


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