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Nine experiences summed up by senior package purchasers
Dec 11, 2017

1, the procurement department must be effectively monitored and controlled. And to the public, the comprehensive strength of the talent to play the best, not a person is, or is the senior leadership, and even your boss.

2, the focus of the work of the purchasing manager should be on the supervision and guidance, not the purchase.

3. The more detailed the procurement work is, the better the better. Appropriate and reasonable, the 70% workload is the best moderation.

4, the buyer should have a record of the purchase work, and often summarize the report and analysis.

5, pay attention to the management of purchasing information.

6, the purchaser's own work done finer, more detailed, more reasonable analysis, is of more powerful and destructive to purchasing managers.

7, the material supplier should have enough spare and replacement merchants.

8, the complete cooperation of various departments, providing more solid technical support and quality management can effectively improve the quality and efficiency of the procurement.

9, from the start to do fair and fair.


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