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Packaging and printing factory warehouse management to solve 7 problems, one year to save a car!
Jan 13, 2018

Many printing houses think that the warehouse is only the site of the stock, and it is not necessary to pay much attention to it.

However, according to statistics, a factory of the annual sales of printing is about thirty million, its warehouse wastes the cost is equivalent to that of a car. So it is so many the loss brought to the printing plant by the warehouse.

There are seven problems in printing management for warehouses. For these seven problems, we list the corresponding solutions for printing factories to draw lessons from.

  1. The selection of storeroom and the unreasonable design of the reservoir area

    Practical countermeasures: the planning of the reservoir area should be specific

  2. The Function of storehouse is too miscellaneous.

    Practical countermeasures: set up other independent functions.

  3. Administrators' responsibilities are not clear.

    Practical countermeasures: phased management, step by step.

  4. Prevention measures are not sound.

    Practical countermeasures: security begins in detail.

  5. Internal theft

    Practical countermeasures: both positive and negative methods are carried out at the same time

  6. Improper placement of goods

    Practical countermeasures: insisting on one day one report system of the storehouse

  7. Stock problem is serious

    Practical countermeasures: keep in mind the "1.5 times" standard



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