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Product Customization
Sep 07, 2018

In an increasingly competitive marketplace the need to differentiate and set apart your products from the competition is vitally important.

The ultimate success and acceptance your products may find is dependent upon the right combination of customized aesthetics and affordability.

This is the true whether you plan to re-stage an existing product or launch a whole new product line.

Hooopack can limit your capital risk and allow for quick consumer responses to various design options by using our rapid prototyping capabilities.

When the design that is most preferred by your customers is determined, Arminak & Associates skilled staff of product design engineers combined with our extensive contract manufacturing base will allow your company to bring to the marketplace customized products at a very affordable cost.

With the additional benefit of Hooopack proven ability to deliver customized products to the market at speeds unmatched in the industry, the successful launch of your products is assured.  

Whether your custom needs are for jars, bottles or entire packaging systems, allow us to help you achieve a unique brand identity and ultimate success.

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