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Related knowledge of lipstick tube
Dec 08, 2017

The lipstick tube is the most complex in all cosmetic packages.

Lipstick tube is a multi-component combination of different materials with functional packaging.

It is also divided into volatile and non volatile. Most of them are automatically filling by machine. 

The way of filling lipsticks tube, the combination of different parts, bad tolerance control, or unreasonable design, even if the way of lubricating oil coating is wrong, will cause shutdown or abnormal function.

1. Basic materials

The lipstick tube is divided into full plastic lipstick tube, aluminum plastic composite pipe, etc. the plastic materials commonly used are PC, ABS, PMMA, ABS+SAN, SAN, PCTA, PP and so on, while the aluminum materials are commonly used for 1070, 5657 and so on. There are also users in order to express their product temperament and brand alignment, the use of zinc alloy, sheepskin and other materials as lipstick accessories.

2. molding process

The plastic material of the lipstick tube is mainly made of injection molding, such as the cover, the base and the related accessories in the center of the center beam.

3. surface treatment

The lipstick tube surface can be treated with many processes. For plastic parts, surface treatment processes such as spraying, electroplating, evaporation, laser engraving, inserts and so on can be applied, while aluminum products can be oxidized, electroplated and anodized.


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