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Requirements for graphic printing on the surface of glass bottles
Jan 26, 2018

Text pattern

The company requirements and sample match, words and patterns must be clear, correct, no shortage of India, missing words and strokes not all cases, no obvious offset, no printing defects such as fuzzy

Color and lustre

Standard sample must be conformed to the confirmation, and within the limit / standard / lower limit of the seal

Demand for frosting

The surface of suitable thickness, medium thickness, mineral sand position is generally not to the bottom of the thread, not less than the bottleneck and the bottle body junction, the bottle is not allowed to have positive side highlights, up to more than 5 at the bottom of the highlight of 0.8mm, not more than 1.0mm 5 highlights.

Printing quality

The contents, fonts, deviations, colors and sizes of the patterns and characters must conform to the requirements of the standard samples, and the designs or typefaces need to be neat and clear. No obvious typefaces, such as blurred fonts, chromatic aberration, displacement, burrs and overprint.

Printing position

If the 30ml is not full, the upper and lower offsets allow + 0.5mm, the deviation of the left and right deviations is + 0.25mm, and 30ml is full, the upper and lower offsets allow for + 0.75mm, and the deviation of the left and right deviations is + 0.25mm.



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