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screening of high quality contractors, it's enough only to see these 3 points
Dec 12, 2017

1. Many patent products

The product depends on imitation, and it will not go far.

So the strong and stable suppliers should have their own patent products.

2. Many styles of products

In the "Internet plus" era, who can develop more product design, does not occupy the leading position, but at least the enterprise vitality, and channels and customer very well done.

3. Many moulds

Packaging materials suppliers if only have several common mold, to illustrate the supplier innovation ability is not enough, the change can not be timely response to market mechanisms; and secondly that supplier's lack of funds, cooperation, the follow-up will be relatively weak, the speed and quality of supply will be difficult to guarantee.

High quality suppliers invest a large amount of research and development and model funding every year. At the same time, they are going deep into the market to do research and development, which products will be listed and which products will be well received. They will discuss one by one, one will collect new data for themselves, and two will strive to give the brand owners the most sincere advice.


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