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Silk printing process for cosmetic package
Feb 02, 2018

Screen printing refers to the transfer of ink through the mesh of the graph and text to the print through the extrusion of the scraper, forming the same graphic as the original. The screen printing equipment is simple, easy to operate, simple in printing and plate making, low in cost and strong in adaptability.


Process characteristics

Process cost: mold cost (low), single piece cost (low, depending on the number of colors)

Typical products: for clothing, electronic products and packaging, etc.

Output is suitable: single piece to large quantity is available

Quality: high precision of pattern details

Speed: Handmade screen printing (1-5 cycles / minutes), machine screen printing (1-30 cycles / minutes)

Technological process

1. Direct plate making

Methods: the plate is in the first plate will be coated with a photosensitive material film photosensitive film on wrist facing flat on the table, the wrist stretched net frame flat on the substrate, then the net frame is placed in the photographic and soft scraper pressure coating, after drying off after the full plastic a film attached to the photosensitive film wrist screen can be used to print, by developing, dried out screen.

Process: has stretching, degreasing, drying, peeling, film exposing, developing, drying, retouching, block

2. Indirect plate making

Methods: the plate is the first indirect film exposure, H2O2 1.2% hardened with warm water after enhancement, dry made after stripping film seihan graphics, graphic film film surface and good screen stretched tightly, through the squeeze film and wet screen paste, off base, with the wind dry screen printing screen.

Technological process:

1) the bandage net, degreasing and drying

2), indirect film exposing, hardening, developing, laminating, drying, retouching, block

3, direct mixing method

The photosensitive glue layer of water and alcohol or photosensitive adhesive in the wire mesh frame, after hot air drying, removing the photosensitive film substrate, and then print the developing process, after that is made of silk screen printing.


We have a lot of products using screen printing technology, such as white lotion bottle, small lotion bottle, hand lotion bottle and so on.


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