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Surface plating technology for cosmetic package
Feb 01, 2018

Process definition

Electroplating is the abbreviation of electroless metal method. Electroplating is to dip the plated parts (products) in the potable water containing the metal ions and to connect the cathode, and put the appropriate anode on the other side of the medicine, soluble or insoluble, and then connect to the surface of the plated part, then precipitate a layer of metal thin film. The simple understanding is the change or combination of physics and chemistry. Electroplating in aqueous solution (roll plating, hanging plating, continuous plating) and chemical electroplating are the most commonly encountered electroplating methods at present.

Process characteristics

Process cost: die cost (no), single piece cost (high)

Typical products: transportation, consumer electronics, furniture, jewelry and silver surface treatment, etc.

Output is suitable: single piece to large quantity is available

Quality: high gloss, antioxidant corrosion

Speed: medium speed, depending on the type of material and the thickness of the coating.

Technological process



Pre treatment (lapping, preparatory washing, water washing, electrolytic degreasing, water washing, acid impregnation, activating and washing), neutralization, water washing, electroplating (priming), water washing, neutralization, water washing, electroplating (surface), water washing, pure water, dehydration and drying.

We have less electroplating products, most of which are by oxidation and screen printing, such as body cream jar, cream container, travel cosmetic container and so on.



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