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The common material and technology of cosmetic package
Dec 18, 2017

Vacuum bottle product process

It is composed of a cover, a shoulder sleeve, a vacuum pump, and a piston. Use air pressure. The sprinkler has a cock tip (full of plastic or a layer of aluminum on the outside), and the flat head of the duck's mouth is covered a layer of plastic.

Emulsion bottle

It is composed of a cover, a shoulder sleeve, a emulsion pump, and a piston. The internal hose is mostly inside. Most of the outer acrylic, internal PP material. The lid is the outer acrylic inner ABS.

perfume atomizer

1, the internal components is glass outerside aluminum (according to the external covering divided rotating and non rotating two kinds)

2, PP bottle (small dose of PP)

3. Glass type drip irrigation

4. The inner gallbladder of the perfume bottle is mostly glass and PP. Large capacity to use glass, because the storage time is longer, PP is suitable for small capacity short term storage. Most of the PCTA and PETG are not perfumed.

HYE-airless bottle.jpg

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