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The concept and classification of glass bottles
Feb 01, 2018

It can be sealed with cover or plug, and can be filled with various materials in the hollow glass products. It is widely used as a packaging container for beverages, wine, chemicals, medicines, cultural and educational supplies and cosmetics. Transparent glass bottle, Yi Jiejing, good chemical stability, no pollution content, high air tightness, storage performance, decoration can be repeatedly recycled, rich and varied, rich sources of raw materials. But the glass bottle is easily broken, heavy volume ratio. These shortcomings are gradually improved with the development of technology.

The classification of various kinds of glass bottles, a variety of classification methods.

According to the shape, there are usually bottles, bottles with a handle and tube bottles, holding capacity of 1ml ~ 25l.

According to the shape of the bottom, round, oval, square, rectangular, flat, and round is the more.

According to the size of a bottle, wide mouth, small mouth, mouth and spray etc.. The bottle mouth diameter greater than 30mm, no shoulders or less shoulders is called wide mouth bottle. It is usually used to hold semi liquid and powder or bulk solid articles. The inner diameter is less than 30mm, which is called small mouth bottle, which is usually used to hold various kinds of fluid products.

According to the bottle and cap with a form, a continuous thread, bottle corks and bottle, poured with crown finish rolling, plastic lid cover bottle, bottle, bottle, spraying with pressure - unscrew the bottle mouth and bottle, open - side sealing glass stopper bottle with handle, scrub bottle and tube the bottle shaped bottle etc.. The size and tolerance of the bottle mouth are standardized.

According to the requirements and, once used bottles and recycled bottles. A container used once is discarded; recovery and recovery for many times, the turnover.

According to the molding method, has molded bottles and vials. The mold bottle is made from the glass liquid directly in the mold; the control bottle is first to pull the glass liquid into the glass tube and then reprocessed.

The press and the color, colorless, colored and opaque color bottles. The glass bottle is most clear colorless, can keep the contents of normal image. The second is green and brown. Green usually filled with drinks; Brown is used for medications or beer. They can absorb ultraviolet light, which is beneficial to the protection of the content. A few cosmetics, cream and ointment and other items, with opaque glass bottles containing color.

Our bottle gallbladder is made of transparent glass bottles, such as cosmetic bottle, empty cosmetic bottle, skincare bottle and so on.



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