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The current domestic manufacturers of packaging broadly divided into three categories:
Sep 12, 2017

A class is loaded with sacks, many domestic and small-scale factories are using this model, the disadvantage is the long-distance transport damage to pay more, of course, the brewery and other users can claim these losses, but once the glass bottle has scratches will reduce the quality, coupled with the glass bottles of multiple recycling, at the user end prone to explode bottle accident, With the increasing awareness of consumer rights and interests protection, consumers for the exposure of such events as the amount of the claim will increase significantly, for beer and other manufacturers of brand image of the impact is also growing.

The second type is to use manual baler to hit 4-6 bands first, then to use the heat shrink to fix the bottle to prevent slipping, where the cost of heat is about 10-15 yuan/each pallet.

The third category is the use of Strapex automatic packaging machine, and then use heat shrink.

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