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The gold stamping process of cosmetic package
Feb 02, 2018

Bronzing refers to the use of a certain pressure and temperature, arranged in a stamping machine using the template, to print and hot plate in the short time inner pressure, metal foil or color pigments by hot stamping foil template graphic requirements are transferred to the hot material surface processing technology. Because it is mainly gold and silver, it is often called hot gold.


Process characteristics

Process cost: mold cost (extremely low), single piece cost (low)

Typical products: the surface treatment of consumer electronics, packaging, stationery and printing

Output is suitable: small batch and large quantities are available

Quality: the details of the bronzing are of high quality.

Speed: a fast production cycle, about 1000 pieces / hours

Technological process

The process flow of gold stamping includes: stamping preparation, loading plate, mat plate, stamping process parameter determination, test scald, sign sample and formal stamping.


The main process is to use the principle of hot pressure transfer. The pressure and hot stamping anodized aluminum version, substrate contact Kodak, because the heating plate heats up the short-run version has a certain heat, heating the anodized hot melt dyeing resin layer and adhesive resin layer melting, dyeing adhesion decreased, and special heat sensitive adhesive melt viscosity increases, and anodized aluminum layer at the same time transfer to the basement membrane peeling high fidelity printing substrate, with the pressure of removable adhesive rapid solidification, aluminum layer firmly attached to a substrate in hot stamping process.

Our products almost do not use a bronzing process, and more are two times of oxidation, such as cool cosmetic packaging, unique cosmetic packaging, new cosmetic packaging and so on.



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