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The historical origins of glass bottles
Sep 12, 2017

Glass bottle is China's traditional beverage packaging containers, glasses are also a very historical packaging materials, remember the costumes in the costume of the windows are paper paste, then people with a finger gently poke will be a small hole, very unsafe. Now the windows of the household, fragile, good light transmittance, will not affect the entry of the sun. I think the existing glass can only use a glass bottle, the origin of glass bottles, in recent years, the discovery of glassware in the Han Dynasty, such as Hebei town Sheng tomb unearthed in the caliber of 19 cm glass plate and 13.5 centimeters long, 10.6 cm wide glass ear cup, to the Wei, Jin, southern and Northern Dynasties, the western glass mass access to China, and also passed into the blown glass technology. At that time the glass container is larger, the wall is thinner, transparent and smooth. Hebei County Northern Wei Pagoda Tower base was unearthed glass bottles and Shaanxi Xi ' an with the Li Jingxun tomb unearthed in the glassware with flat bottles, round bottles, boxes, egg-shaped device, tubular, and cup. From the artifacts unearthed in this piece, we can see that the glass container has a long history.

In recent years, the standards of glass bottles have become stricter, especially the standard of medicinal bottles, so that many small manufacturers have to touch another way out. My company is a large enterprise in this environment in the context of the more to break through the self, to fly.

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