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The number of the bottom of the glass bottle is the number of the mold
Feb 07, 2018

The number of the bottom of the glass bottle is the number of the mold. In life, we often find that there are some letters or numbers at the bottom of glass bottles. After we send samples to guests, guests often ask us what the numbers of bottle bottoms represent, so we introduce in detail the bottom number of glass bottles.

Usually, glass bottle production equipment is usually: row machine, manual machine, and down machine. The technology is a device that can combine multiple modules, and the mold has bottle mouth mold, bottle body mold and bottle bottom mould.

Glass bottle production quantity usually at least tens of thousands, in order to improve the production time, can make multi mould, to produce the same kind of glass bottle, bottle blowing molding in multi mould, such as the return needs into the furnace, from high temperature to low temperature annealing step by step, to improve the stress of glass between the molecules, but many groups of glass bottle mold production into hybrid annealing furnace, we cannot distinguish from the shape of which group of glass bottle mould. The bottom number usually letters or numbers, letters are usually referred to as the name of the manufacturer, purchaser or corporation, in the letter at the same time, generally there will be some numbers. Such as: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...,... This number plays a very important role in glass bottle manufacturing.

Therefore, the sampling test in the packaging process, if found quality problems can not be timely and accurate determine the quality problems, so do different numbers at the bottom of each corresponding mold mold, when some problems, we can more timely and accurately determine the root cause of the problem.



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