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The requirements for the appearance quality of the bottle cap
Dec 30, 2017

1. The basic standard of appearance:

The bottle cap is complete in shape, without stains on the inner and outer surface. There is no obvious scratch on the film and no paint. Color clear, clear texture, texture patterns and characters of integrity, no obvious skips, scratch, no pattern should be extra texture; the top texture pattern in the center position deviation of the center cap diameter not greater than 0.6mm; joint dislocation texture is not greater than 0.3mm, not in 1.5mm overlap joint, joint gap. Plastic parts are complete, no defect, no deformation, clean surface, smooth, no oil, no foreign body, no smell.

2, surface and graphic printing

Text pattern: requirements and company sample match, words and patterns must be clear, correct, no missing printing or word and strokes is not full, no obvious position, no printing defects such as fuzzy, patterns and characters of its content, font, color, size deviation, and shall conform to the requirement of standard sample pattern or font the need is neat.

Color: the standard sample must be met, and the same color difference between the same batch is subject to the color board confirmed by both parties and supply and is within the limit / standard / lower limit of the seal.


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