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Thermal transfer process of cosmetic package
Feb 07, 2018

Transfer is a kind of printing method that transfers the graphic and text on the middle carrier film with corresponding pressure to the print.

According to the different pressure, transfer printing can be divided into water transfer, heat transfer, gas transfer, silk screen transfer, low temperature transfer and so on.

The heat transfer is the portrait, landscape and arbitrary image using thermal transfer ink (i.e. sublimation ink) print in color inkjet paper (or special sublimation inkjet printing paper), or ordinary ink printed on plastic film thermal transfer paper, after heat transfer heating equipment is heated to a certain temperature in a few minutes. A special printing paper pattern vivid color transferred to the porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, cotton fabric and other materials.

Process characteristics

1. The picture is fine. It can be finished with an ordinary stamping machine and a heat transfer printer.

2, the coloured pattern is formed once, without the need of color.

3, the operation is simple, the printing is exquisite, the production cost is low.

4, product loss is small, the added value is high, the craft is adornment strong.

5. High covering power and strong adhesion.

6. It is in conformity with the green environmental printing standard and has no environmental pollution.

It can be transferred on the leather, textile fabric, organic glass, metal, plastic, crystal, wood products, copper plate and other printed materials.

Thermal transfer technology is widely applied. It can be applied to ABS, PP, PE, EVA, PVE, PT and so on. It can also be applied to stainless steel and glass products, spray paint and leather. Therefore, it belongs to a more general printing technology in the field of cosmetic packaging.



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