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Understanding of the basic assembly process of cosmetic package
Feb 26, 2018

The assembly process, it is in accordance with the provisions of the technical requirements, to assemble the components, and further combined into parts and the whole process of packaging material and finished goods, are called the assembly, the company also called assembly, its basic task is to study under certain production conditions, with high production rate and low cost of assembly of high quality the product. The assembly process is divided into small sample assembly and batch order assembly. The sample assembly directly determines the production capacity and quality of the batch order products.

assembly flow

1.Understand the structure of the product

Through the product structure diagram, we can quickly know the number of structural components and the associated names of the product. At the same time, we can also understand the name of each structure component and the role it carries in the structure.

2. Establish the order of assembly

When we understand the structure of a product, we need to know whether the component should be surface treated, printed or printed first, then printed first. If the order is wrong, it will easily cause the product surface quality or structure problem. Then we need to know the assembly sequence between components. According to the way of assembly, the general rule is to go down first and then to go up. First, inside and outside, it's difficult first and then easy.

3. Determine the way of assembly

Cosmetic packaging products are often composed of different materials, with metal parts, plastic parts, therefore, a package product is sometimes a variety of assembly process is the combination of artificial glue connection, or buckle, or mechanical assembly, depending on the product design must consider, and connection also directly determines the production and delivery of finished goods.


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