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Water transfer process of cosmetic package
Feb 06, 2018

The process of water transfer is a way to print the color patterns on the 3D product surface by using water pressure to print the color patterns on the transfer paper.

With the improvement of product packaging and surface decoration, the use of water transfer is becoming more and more extensive.

Water transfer printing technology has two kinds, one is called water transfer technology, the other is a drape water transfer technology.

The former mainly completes the transfer of the characters and pictorial patterns, while the latter tends to carry out a complete transfer on the surface of the whole product.

Process characteristics

Process cost: mold cost (no), single piece cost (low - medium)

Typical products: transportation, electronic consumer goods and military products, etc.

Output is suitable: small batch to large quantity is available

Quality: the surface texture of the product is precise and clear, but there will be a slight stretch.

Speed: fast, 10-20 cycles / hours

Water transfer substrates can be plastic film or water transfer paper. Many products are difficult to print directly. They can be printed on the water transfer substrate by mature printing technology and then transferred to the substrate.

The technology of water transfer printing is special, and it is also applied in cosmetic packaging industry. It is mainly applied to external components of products, such as lipstick, pump head, bottle cap and air cushion box.



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