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What are the characteristics of metal printing products in general?
Mar 24, 2018

What are the characteristics of metal printing products in general?

1.Bright colors, rich layers and good visual effects: metal bearing materials such as tinplate, because of its surface tinned layer, with a sparkling color effect, and then through the bottom color printing, printing and graphics are more colorful. For Wuxi steel plate or other metal materials, after surface treatment and coating, the special flash effect can be reproduced after printing.

2.The diversity of processing and the design of good printing material; metal printing materials with mechanical properties and processing, good formability, realizing the modeling of novel and unique design of the metal packaging containers, manufacture various special-shaped tube, cans, boxes and other packaging containers of goods, achieve the beautification to improve the product competition ability;

3.Is conducive to the realization of the use value of commodity and artistic unity: wear resistance, good durability and good performance of metal materials, printing ink, not only create the conditions for the realization of the unique design and exquisite printing, but also improve the product durability and maintain, can better reflect the use value of commodity with the unity of art.



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