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What are the colors of the cosmetic container?
Feb 08, 2018

The cosmetics package has all kinds of originality, but the lining with the skin care products (especially the plastic cream bottle) white is the most suitable.

The main reason is that it is easy to observe the change of the properties of the skin care products, and the second is to avoid dissolve the pollution products of the dyes in the plastic.

When the maintenance product is partial acid, easy to oxidize, pure oil wax composition or solvent (such as essential oil, alcohol, makeup remover), if it is not glass container, plastic container is best not dyed, so as to avoid the risk of pigment dissolved into the product.

As for the glass container that is directly exposed to the inside material, the darker the color is, the better the preservation of the freshness of the inner material.

A dark bottle is a good choice for those who are not used to keeping the maintenance in the drawer after each use.

Of course, the more active skin care products, such as antioxidants, anti-aging and whitening effects, the bottle stop's blocking effect is enough to keep the value. But do not be deceived by the color of the glass bottle!

There are a lot of components that are easy to oxidize to see light and death, such as vitamin C, green tea, white tea and polyphenols. They will be deepened day after day, and the brand will naturally hide it by using the color of containers.

This component of the maintenance products, be smart, as far as possible to choose the production date of the near.



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